Indiana Pull Tabs - Machines, Jar Tickets, and Pull Tabs
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Providing your bar, tavern or club with the lowest cost pull tabs yielding the highest profit allowed by the state of Indiana......Guaranteed!!!!!

Indiana pull tab winners


Reasons Bars Sell Pull Tabs

· Extra money for a small investment...pull tabs cost pennies but generate big dollars

· Most pull tabs generate as much money as $200-$1,000 profit!
        Where else can you make that much money in such a short period of time?

· Pull tabs are perceived as a form of entertainment and add to social interaction within an establishment

· Consumers enjoy having a variety of gaming activities to choose from, especially within the same establishment

· Play and redemption happen very quickly for pull tabs

· People enjoy playing pull tabs in a group along with the entertainment it provides

· Predictable level of income and payout for the seller

Reasons Customers Buy Pull Tabs:

· Are easy to play
· Have high payouts = average 75% vs. a lottery ticket
· Are fun to play
· Are definite profits vs. a slot machine
· Have frequent winners
· Require no skill to play


Indiana Legalizes Pull Tabs!!

And that means big bucks for your bar or tavern!!

Click here to read House Bill 1153

Indiana Pull Tabs is Central Indiana's first locally owned and operated liscensed distributor of quality pull tab equipment, including and extensive line of dispensers, custom commercial pull tabs, and a wide selection of money making 3-5 window pull tabs. Guaranteed to be the lowest price!

We will not be undersold or outserviced!
Don't miss out on additional income!

Call us today to ask about our "no money" down leasing programs.

1-888-606 TABS (8227)


Type II Gaming Legalized for Bars and Taverns effective July 1, 2008. Type 2 Gaming includes: Pull Tabs, Tip Boards, Punchboards, Jar tickets, and raffles. The state requires the Bars and Taverns to fill out an application for new type II gaming endorsement. There is a $250 Initial Issuance Fee, and the renewel fee will be determined by your adjusted gross revenue for the following year (reference link below).

Get your Type II Gaming Liscense Here >>


View some frequently asked questions regarding Type II Gaming from HEA 1153
(courtesy of Indiana Alcohol & Tabacco Commision)


What are pull tabs?

· A pull tab is a game of chance using a folded or banded paper ticket, or a paper card with perforated break open tabs
· Players with tickets containing the winning combinations identified on the front of the ticket win the corresponding prize amounts
· Pull tabs are commonly known as tickets, break opens or charity game tickets

Sample Pull Tabs

What are the benefits of selling pull tabs?

· Pull tabs are viewed by players as offering better odds than other forms of gaming
· Pull tabs=frequent winners=more excitement=increase your customer base and the time and money that they spend in your establishment
· Customers will splurge with their winnings
· They are guaranteed profits, some can generate as much as $1000/mo